I am a Java Developer.

I live and work in Berlin. If you have any job offers for me, please don't hesitate to contact me.


  • Extensive core Java development experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of JDBC / ORM and relational databases.
  • Ability to develop creative solutions for complex problems.
  • Work experience and understanding JBoss(Wildfly) and Tomcat servers.
  • Solid Java EE development experience.
  • Experience in the design and development of client-server applications.
  • Experience in the development and design of microservice architecture.
  • Extensive Android development experience.
  • Working with other developers to build technical solutions & complete projects to budgetary and quality requirements.
  • etc...


Java / Specifications: Java SE/EE / Android / Spring / Hibernate / Swing / Bean Validation(JSR 303) / CDI (JSR 346) / JPA (JSR 338) / JAX-RS (JSR 339) / Servlet 3.1 (JSR 340) etc...
REST (JAX-RS) frameworks: Apache CXF / Jersey / Spring MVC
Web: JavaScript / Angular JS / jQuery / HTML / CSS / ExtJS / JSP / JSF / Vaadin / PrimeFaces etc..
SQL / NOSQL DBs: MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle / SQLIte / MarkLogic
Libraries: Flyway / Guava-Google / JFreeChart / JUnit / TestNG / Mockito / Powermock / Lombok / Joda-Time / Swagger / Log4j... / Jackson / Apache (Lang, POI, IO, Utils ....) etc...
Build(CI) tools / VC / Servers: Maven / Gradle / Jenkins / SVN / Git / JBoss(Wildfly) / Tomcat / Jetty / nginx / apache etc..
Patterns / Protocols: MVC / UML / OOP / REST / HTTP / WebSocket / FTP / SSH
Other: Python / C / C++ / ActionScript 3.0 / PHP / Objective-C / Eclipse / IntelliJ IDEA / NetBeans / Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash, In Design) etc...


Words Tutor:

Words Tutor is a free and universal app for learning words any foreign language. The user can independently load (import), create, convert dictionaries and use existing ones. It also supports dictionaries from Lingvo Tutor, different types of training, statistics, view the dictionaries, speech, the possibility to share their dictionaries with other users, practical settings, no registration, and more. The application allows users to in the game form learn the words for any foreign language.

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  • Creating a new dictionary from MS Word document;
  • Creating a new dictionary from MS Excel document;
  • Creating a new dictionary from txt document;
  • Importing dictionaries from Lingvo Tutor;
  • Grouping dictionaries;
  • Renaming, deleting, sorting, moving between groups;
  • Rating for public dictionaries;
  • Uploading your dictionary to common public dictionaries on the server;
  • 10 different trainings;
  • Add examples to studied words;
  • Viewing dictionary words and the progress of studying;
  • Reset the study results;
  • View statistics after each training;
  • Different public dictionaries are available for each user;
  • Instant word adding service with one click after copying
  • Automatic translation of the word into more than 100 languages
  • Possibility to create an empty dictionary
  • Add / edit / delete a word to/in an existing dictionary
  • Search in the dictionary by learned word or its translation
  • Possibility to hide / show all words or translations in the dictionary
  • No registration;
  • Flexible settings for the application;
  • Setting up the level of complexity for individual trainings;
  • Different themes;
  • Flexible configurable voice synthesizer;
  • Detailed information(help) with pictures;

User dictionaries.
User dictionaries.
User dictionaries.
User dictionaries (group).
User dictionaries (menu).
User dictionaries (context menu).
User dictionaries (context menu).
Dictionary words.
Variants training.
Mosaic training.
Mosaic time training.
Constructor training.
Answer 1
Answer 2.
Public dictionaries.
Public dictionaries (group).
Public dictionaries (group).
Public dictionaries (context menu).
Add words service.
Add words service.
Add words service.
Add words service.
Settings part1.
Settings part2.


For contacting with me, please send me a message.